About Us

Mehr Designs LLC was founded by Mehreen and is based in Texas.


We design and create Semi-Precious, Precious, and Non-Precious Handmade Jewelry that you will find available on our website. 

Mehr Designs has multiple designs for Bridal & Non-Bridal Jewelry. Ayna Collection is our latest addition to Mehr Designs LLC. This collection is created by Mehreen and her younger sister, Ayna, who is in middle school. This collection is dedicated to Children’s and Teens jewelry for parents to browse with their kids who are looking to be stylish and express themselves. 

You can shop Mehr Designs Jewelry through this website or through in person events listed in the “Upcoming Events” tab.

Knit & Crochet:

We design and create Knit & Crochet Handmade pieces that you will find available on our website. 

Fari Collection is created by Mehreen and her Mother, Fari. This collection contains meticulously crafted bookmarks, delicate tea coasters, adorable amigurumi creatures and much more. Each piece is handcrafted lovingly to bring handmade beauty into your home and life.

You can shop Fari Collection through this website or through in person events listed in the “Upcoming Events” tab.

Learning Program:

Mehr Designs also has a program called Crafty Coders which is a collective learning program for coding classes (Python & SQL) as well as craft classes (Knitting, Crocheting & Jewelry Making) for both adults and youth.

To learn more about our classes please visit the "Crafty Coders (Learning Program)" tab.

Crafty Coders (Learning Program)

Meet the Head Designer/Creator of Fari Collection

Hi I’m Farisa, the head designer and creator of Fari Collection as well as the Crocheting and Knitting Instructor for Crafty Coders!

I’m a mom of three, who is also a retired nurse and IT professional. We started Collection after filling up our house with so many beautiful knit & crochet creations that I wanted to share with the world.

When I’m not designing/making crochet & knit pieces or teaching you can find me, homeschooling my youngest daughter, the designer for Ayna Collection, bugging my oldest, Mehreen, the owner of Mehr Designs, cooking up anything and everything, painting, and doing many different types of diy projects.

Meet the Owner

Hi I’m Mehreen, the owner of Mehr Designs LLC!

Mehr Designs is a business I started when I had graduated college. We design and create Handmade Jewelry (Semi-Precious, Precious, and Non-Precious) & Crochet/Knit Pieces. Mehr Designs also has a learning program called Crafty Coders.

Along with my pieces shown in my online store, I also take custom design orders for Bridal and Non-Bridal jewelry & Crochet/Knit pieces.

I first learned to design and create my own jewelry at the age of six thanks to my moms’ best friend who had her own jewelry business. She taught me how to create and inspired a passion that I am forever grateful for. I still remember picking up my first pair of tools in a bead store, surrounded by tables filled with strands of beads laid across, leaving me in awe of all the possibilities. Each of my pieces are inspired by my personal love for jewelry and natural stones; a passion that started with my childhood gemstone collection and a set of jewelry pliers. When I am not working, designing/making Jewelry, or creating crochet/knit pieces you can find me teaching classes through our learning program: Crafty Coders.

You might be wondering what I teach and this story like many others once again starts at the beginning. Ever since I was a young child I was surrounded by extremely talented and artsy women, one of them being my mother. I would watch her create these intricate stitches while she was crocheting, knitting, or sewing. This inspired me to learn how to create those designs my mom so delicately designed and created, it ignited another passion in me from the age of 8 that I now love to share with others. So, through teaching I love sharing my knowledge of Knitting, Crocheting, Jewelry Making, and Coding with many others in our community.

Please let me know if you have any custom design requests; I would love to make your visions come true.

Thank you so much for supporting my dream!

P.S While Ayna Collection is a children's & teen's jewelry collection, I'll let you in on a secret. I have many bracelets from this collection that I wear myself because they are just that cute. So, adults don't be shy to grab whatever you love. 

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