Crafting Pikachu: A Quick Guide to Crocheting an Amigurumi

Crafting Pikachu: A Quick Guide to Crocheting an Amigurumi

Written by Mehreen Khan of Mehr Designs LLC: @mehr.designs_ (Instagram)

About the Author:

Mehreen is the creative mind behind Mehr Designs, passionate about crafting and sharing DIY inspiration with others.

Looking to add a touch of Pokémon charm to your crafting repertoire? Look no further than crocheting your very own Pikachu amigurumi. I will say my Pikachu reminds me a bit of Pooh Bear with its face expression and shade of color haha.

Here's a direct rundown of how I brought this iconic character to life using the pattern from @tashs_crochet (instagram) and a few key supplies:

1. Materials Needed:
- Yarn Bee yarn for its softness and vibrant colors
- Size 5 crochet hook for a balance of stitch definition and plushiness
- Polypill stuffing for a fluffy and resilient finish

2. Following the Pattern:
I used the free pattern provided by @tashs_crochet, as it offered clear instructions and a cute result. You can find her pattern by going to her instagram. One crucial tip: when crocheting the tail, ensure that the two pieces to be crocheted together are identical in design to avoid any lopsidedness or backward appearance.

3. Customizing Expressions:
While the pattern serves as a solid foundation, don't be afraid to get creative with ear, hand, eye, cheek, tail and foot placement. By tweaking these elements, you can create different expressions for your Pikachu, adding a personalized touch to your creation.

4. Tailoring the Tail:
To prevent lopsidedness and ensure stability, crochet and stitch the tail at the top as well a the bottom. This simple adjustment will help your Pikachu stand tall and keep its tail securely attached.

Crocheting a Pikachu amigurumi is a fun and rewarding project that allows you to unleash your creativity while paying homage to a beloved character. With these tips and a bit of patience, you'll have your very own Pikachu ready to join your crafting collection in no time.

(This pattern is from @tashs_crochet)


The character created using crochet, inspired by the Poke Ball in Pokémon, is a derivative work inspired by the original design. We do not claim any ownership or rights to the original character, design, or concept of the Poke Ball, which is a registered trademark of Nintendo, Game Freak, and The Pokémon Company. This crochet creation is purely fan-made and intended for personal enjoyment and admiration of the Pokémon franchise.  

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